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After 25 years of working in human resources and training, the concept of the truth through stories was realized. I thought if I had seen a theme of employee relations that could have been improved if situations would have been handled differently, then there had to be more to learn. So, I set out on a quest to hear from the world about their first-hand accounts in the workplace. The goal of these leadership trainings is to amplify the message that ‘now is the time for leaders to lead better’ as we approach the aftermath of the Great Resignation and Beyond.


"Time availability for front line leaders to be away from the floor is always a challenge.  Sheri created the “Tool box" sessions as a great way to train and provide resources for front line leaders in mini training sessions.  Role play and group participation also develops professional relationships among the facility.  Select areas of focus and begin to create the tools needed for success!"  ~Director, Large Manufacturing Facility

"Great  experience overall, keeps you motivated until you achieve your goals and beyond. Thanks Sheri!"

Sheri Bender
CEO  Rogue HR

Sheri Bender

"Sheri continues to provide clear advice and motivation. She's incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, friendly and professional."

"Thank you for the class last week. I felt like you were engaging and informative on all levels."

"She is knowledgeable and friendly but takes you to task which I greatly appreciated. Sheri is and excellent motivator and provided clear advice.

"Sheri asks open-ended questions. She has a friendly non-intimidating way of getting class participation.

Training through Storytelling


Through personal experience and collecting many shared stories from real people, it is time to break the mold and start transforming the way leaders lead and employees perform. Each training session and workshop provide you with the tools you need to become a more effective leader. The real change comes when you dedicate your time and energy to put these in to practice with your team. Times have changed over the last few years and employees are no longer willing to take a backseat to the age-old way of management in organizations.


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My content is informed from my own background as a HR professional, practical leadership principles, and hundreds of real stories from real people - just like you. Learn how to become the kind of leader who inspires others to do their best work every day.

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By sharing these story-trainings, I will leave your audience inspired, motivated and energized. I have the unique ability to adapt my style for all types of audiences, so whether you are looking for a positive boost or strategic advice, I can help.


Unlock your potential with a professional coach as your partner. I've dedicated most of my career to helping people like you find their own path to success. Let’s continue writing your success story.


How can your organization effectively recruit, retain and develop the best talent? How can you build a motivated workforce that is committed to your company's success? Investing in leadership training for leaders at all levels is an effective way to foster a culture where employees feel valued, turnover is decreased, and the bottom line is positively affected. Leadership training is essential in today's marketplace.



Take this Job and Love It

(Positive Workplace Culture | Employee Experience and Engagement)

Over the last few years, there has been an increased focus on employee engagement. How employee engagement is defined varies from organization to organization and employee to employee; but most organizations agree, if you’re not devoting time and energy to it…your best employees will look elsewhere to find it. After all, employees are internal customers.


This course focuses on the overall employee experience in an organization. Much like customer service: they may not remember exactly what you told them, but they will remember how you made them feel. In this session, we’ll explore how to create a culture where your team is engaged and thriving.



I have had the pleasure of working in the field of HR and training for over 25 years. In that time, I have seen many employee relations issues that could have been improved if situations would have been handled differently. I, myself, have even been on the receiving end of some less-than-ideal management situations.


One day, I had the idea that if I (a HR professional) was aware of so many first-hand experiences where proper leadership could have improved employee relations, there had to be more to learn. So, I set out on a quest to hear from the world about their first-hand accounts with leadership in the workplace.


The practical leadership lessons have been carefully developed by combining real stories shared from real people with time-tested leadership principles. It is time to break the mold and start transforming the way leaders lead and employees perform. My training sessions and workshops provide you with the tools you need to inspire you to become a more effective leader.


I look forward to seeing you in a workshop, conference, or coaching session. I invite you to share your story with me so that we can inspire future leaders to lead BETTER.



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