Public Speaking

I am available for public speaking engagements of all varieties. I have been described as very relatable and engaging.


My background is HR, Diversity, and Training and my goal is to turn every session in to something very engaging and memorable.




Conferences and Conventions

Whether you’re a small networking group meeting at a local coffee house or a national organization with an audience in the 1000s, I enjoy sharing the important messages of leadership, diversity, and team building.  I have had many years of experience and will be an invaluable addition to your programming agenda.




Panel of Experts

In addition to traditional one-to-many speaking services, I am also available to sit on Panels of Experts to discuss various HR, leadership, and employment topics.


SWaM Certification #824568 through 9/2027

FREE Preview


Please call 540.435.9557 if there are any issues. Thank you.

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